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Bortex is also a leading name in the world of corporate business tailoring and image clothing. At Bortex we choose fine yarns, densely woven and finished to industry-leading standards for all our corporate tailoring. It might sound simple, but so many corporate clothing suppliers don’t do this, preferring instead to use cheaper fabrics. Bortex believes it is worth a little more effort and expense to use finely woven fabrics for the following reasons:

  • appearance
  • greater crease recovery
  • greater abrasion resistance
  • List Item

The Bortex quality control processes ensure that every garment from our wardrobes is of the high standard our clientele expects. All garments are wearer tested and wash tested. Only then can we be sure of the work wear’s ability to stand up to the gruelling realities of corporate life. If it fails, that design is never sold.

Bortex also offers a bespoke service besides a ready to wear range which is offered on a never out of stock basis.

  • men’s tailored suits
  • men’s tailored jackets and waistcoats
  • men’s trousers
  • ladies’ jackets
  • ladies’ skirts and trousers
  • overcoats
  • shirts & blouses
  • custom designed ties and scarves
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