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There’s nothing quite like wearing a garment that has been made especially for you.

It is with this in mind that Bortex / Gagliardi has launched its luxury Made to Measure service. As a move to offer the service both locally and overseas the company’s highly-trained master tailors will work with clients individually to create a garment that is truly unique to their specifications. In fact, from the fit and fabric to the trims and inner details, every aspect of the Gagliardi suit can now be customized to create a truly bespoke result.

“The Bortex Group’s roots are cemented in garment manufacturing and this particular product offering is something that we have wanted to introduce for a long time’ says company CEO Peter Borg. “Now, after a long development process, we are thrilled to be able to bring our clients a vast range of custom-made options, so that they can walk away with something that is unique, artisanally crafted and fits perfectly.”

Gagliardi’s Made-to-Measure clients will be able to book an appointment with one of our tailoring specialists who will guide you through the process. If you cannot make it to the stores, we are more than happy to come to you to carry out your consultation. Convenience here is paramount, whether at your home or office, during or after working hours, we will be available to make expediency the order of the day.

Precise measurements will be taken to guarantee the best-possible fit, and each garment will then be produced exclusively at Bortex’s bespoke workshop filled with master tailors from the manufacturing heyday in Malta.

“We have taken the whole experience into consideration to ensure our clients enjoy the process secure in the knowledge that the final result will be exactly what they want,” continues Sam Borg, Peter’s son. “From the first meeting to the final fitting, our master tailor will give advice to help you find the fit, fabric and finish that really appeals – and at a price to suit too.’

The Visiting Tailor
We offer Made-To-Measure on the move to visit our customers anywhere of their choosing. Our Visiting Tailor service is designed to make life easy to customers who have a busy schedule or who are unable to visit our brick & mortar stores.
A wide variety of measurements and figuration details from your body are taken to establish the perfect size and pattern. The master pattern uses the measurements and the perception of your body to create a paper pattern of your suit. This drawing is then sent to our workshop where it is skilfully replicated into a digital format for maximum precision.
Your Specifications
The flawless fit and attention to detail of our bespoke suit make each creation a timeless one-off and their custom-made nature allows you to become the designer, adding or changing whichever elements you wish.
Crafting Your Suit
Next our experienced master tailors cut your chosen cloth by hand. They use chalk marks to indicate any specific requests from the customer. Hand worked sewing machines are used to bring the suit together.
Monogramming and initials allow you to imbue your garment with a special personalized touch
Functional Design
We have decided to take the experience further by incorporating functional design. By this we mean that you will be consulted on which fabrics and extra features to go for depending on the desired use of the garment.
Also top of our priority list is to consult and also offer you the opportunity to customize your look with a host of different accessories.
The First Fitting
The First Fitting fortifies the fact that the garment is being made entirely in accordance with your personal measurements and specification. Absolute perfection requires trialing.
During this appointment, you will try on your garment which is only half finished (aka Baste) to verify the tweaks to create the perfect garment.

Our master tailors will work on the alterations requested by the customer, excited in the pursuit of perfection.
The tailoring process of a Made-to-Measure Suit usually takes six weeks. However, we also offer an express service of 4 weeks at an extra cost.
The customer is contacted to collect it or to be delivered to the desired location
Steam or Press Garment to clean effectively using heat and steam (aka “Refresher”).
Dry Clean Garments only when they are physically dirty from spills or sweating. Dry cleaning is a chemical wash that damages fabric.

Hang the suit on quality wooden hangers that fit your jacket properly in an airy place immediately after taking it off.
After Sales
We offer additional assistance after purchasing a suit. Either being entirely happy with your purchase or maybe you have worn it and would really like the waist nipped in a little more. We like to check in and make sure your purchase lives up to your expectations.
We stand by the quality of our garments we sell. We provide complimentary maintenance and repairs on our suits, from replacing a button to repairing a seam or any other minor repair that you may need. We can also alter your suit, both trousers and jacket, up or down one size if your weight has fluctuated
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